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      How to maintain the iron gate


      1. Avoid collisions

      主要發(fā)生在鐵藝大門(mén)購買(mǎi)搬運及安裝過(guò)程中,搬運時(shí)盡量輕放,并且,所放置的地方要是硬物不常出現的。如果確定好了安裝的位置,就不可隨意變動(dòng)了。此外,所要安裝的墻面須是平整的,這樣,安裝起來(lái)才會(huì )是平穩之狀,使用壽命也會(huì )有所保證。

      This mainly occurs during the purchase, transportation, and installation process of iron gates. When handling, try to handle it gently and place it in a place where hard objects do not frequently appear. If the installation location is determined, it cannot be changed arbitrarily. In addition, the wall to be installed must be flat, so that it can be installed in a stable state and its service life will be guaranteed.20230330104624723.jpg


      2. Keep clean


      To regularly clean the iron gate, the cloth material needs to be pure cotton knitted. For sunken areas and dust and grime in relief patterns, it is recommended to use soft wool and avoid using hard cloth to wipe.


      3. Do not touch acids or bases


      It can be said that the enemy of the Iron Art Gate is "acid and alkali" substances. Whenever encountering acid and alkali, such as vinegar, soapy water, soda water, etc., it needs to be washed clean immediately, and then wiped dry with a dry cotton cloth. If these substances are left on top for too long, the glossiness of the surface of the iron door will be greatly reduced.


      4. Keep dry


      As is well known, wetting can easily rust metals and shorten their usage time. Therefore, it is best to install iron gates in ventilated areas and have a long service life.


      5. Timely rust removal


      When the iron gate rusts, for some areas with small and shallow rust, cotton yarn and machine oil can be used to apply, stay for a short period of time, and then a cloth can be wiped clean. However, if the rust expands and evolves severely, it is recommended to hire professional technicians for repair or request the manufacturer's after-sales service to handle the issue. Do not act recklessly on your own.


      Proper maintenance of the iron gate can effectively avoid problems such as rust and chrome peeling, and ensure its service life. Don't ignore this aspect, the entrance is not aesthetically pleasing and the overall decoration is greatly discounted

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